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Amnesty And Human Rights Organizations

There are many different types of amnesty organizations, or human rights organizations, throughout the entire world. Many of these organizations help illegal immigrants who have not been treated fairly. These are non-governmental organizations that make it their mission to protect the human rights of people all over the world. These organizations have done great work over the years, and will continue to fight for people’s rights. Amnesty and human rights organizations can however also be government institutions. The United Nations runs some human rights organizations as does the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. Amnesty and human rights organizations can be, as mentioned, also be nongovernmental, for example Amnesty International USA and Human Rights Watch. The goal with most amnesty and human rights organizations is to protect human rights and to end human rights abuses. Another goal is for example in the U.S to help illegal immigrants become legal citizens.

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Amnesty International USA

Amnesty International, the largest grassroots human rights organization in the world, has received the Nobel Peace Prize for its work. Its goal is to protect people from injustice and to promote human rights. The global headquarters is in London, and the largest country section is Amnesty International USA with almost 250,000 members. Amnesty International is not funded by any governments or corporations. It instead receives funding from individual supporters and foundations.


Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is a nongovernmental organization that defends people's rights around the world. By exposing injustices and abuses, the organization raises awareness and pressures those in power to respect human rights. Humanitarian law guides this group. This nonpartisan group receives no government funding and does not take funding from any private donor who could compromise the group's independence.


It is important for illegal immigrants to know that they aren’t alone. There are many different organizations that can help with various issues, including the United States government.


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